Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food Fighters

I just dropped my meal plan! The first step.

And I cannot be the only one who has sought freedom from the oppressive Aramark [major college cafeteria food supplier] that has tortured my tummy for three brutal semesters now. I have cut yet another of my bondages; independence and REAL food is out there! All that I have to do now is budget time, money and ingredients. I have been stocking up on staple cabinet-stuffers like olive oil, cooking wines, spices, arming myself with recipes, and making out lists and a grocery store budget.

People have bets against us. We the proud, the strong, the food fighters. But we will not be assuaged by your cans of chef bouyardee and bags of popcorn! Just because I happen to be in college does not mean my tongue has lost its taste buds, nor have I lowered my culinary standards to the level of cafeteria quality slop. Nope. Cooking is all on me now. Whatever I want to eat. Can afford. Have time and ingredients to make.

It’s Rachel against Ramen out there, and that storm is not letting up.

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