Friday, January 20, 2012

Open-Faced Hummus Sandwich with Roasted Carrots

 “What’s your least favorite food?”  This has to be one of the most popular questions when filling out a profile, during the first day of school or maybe in a round of “getting to know you” games.  For most, it’s usually a vegetable.  For me, it was always brussel sprouts and eggplant.  Then came my delicious deliverance.  I began roasting my vegetables!  Just a few drops of olive oil, salt and pepper, and I could no longer resist my vegetables, even brussel sprouts or eggplant.  Had my oven become a magic meal makeover machine that turned mushy vegetables into brilliantly caramelized-tasting treasures?  For now, let’s go with that.  
On a whim, I picked up a can of chickpeas on the way home today.  Yes, I realize most people pick up milk or bread or some sort of normal staple item.  Sometimes you just have to mix it up.  Thus, tonight’s dinner venture was an open-faced hummus sandwich with slices of roasted carrots.  The honey oatmeal bread was the first product of my new favorite kitchen toy: a chrome-colored stand mixer.  

(Beautiful, isn't she?!)

Anyway, back to the sandwich.  For the spread, I made my go-to hummus, cilantro lime, and then piled on the slices of tender, roasted carrot.  If carrots aren’t your fancy, roasted chicken could also be a good option, maybe even turkey.  The way this sandwich was going, it might give the hot brown a run for its money! 
 Roasting is easy.  Preheat your oven to 375, that part stays the same.  Then, depending on the size and thickness of your veggies, cook for anywhere between 10 minutes (asparagus, maybe broccoli) and 25-30 minutes (carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts, etc.).  It’s really about your preference on tenderness.  So be sure to check on them periodically with the old poke-‘em-with-a-fork test.
 My advice is to roast off a bunch of carrots for the week and then use them throughout your other dishes during the week.  Toss them with some pasta, parmesan, and a little parsley; chop them up with some red bell peppers and add them to a breakfast omelet; drizzle some honey or reduced balsamic vinegar over top and eat them as a sweet side dish.   

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