Thursday, January 13, 2011

Featured! in 25 College Blogs Every Parent Should Read

2011. Excitement and anticipation of the upcoming year buzzes like a pair of hand held beaters.  For some, this year marks graduation.  Whether it is you or your child, it will be monumental.  Freedom from parents (or freedom of kids) brings a new set of trials and tasks.  Some kids are ready to head out and other parents are clinging to hang on.  Parent or child, regardless, you have questions.  Students are plagued with what clothes to bring, where to buy books, who my roommate is going to be, etc.  Parents wonder how much money their child will need, if they will go to class, will they make all the right decisions for their future.  To answer many of these questions, I would recommend the article:  25 College Blogs Every Parent Should Read

And this is not just because Rachel vs. Ramen was featured (okay, well perhaps this has something to do with it).  Accredited Online's College's concise, yet comprehensive list gives you a start in the right direction on where to find the answers to your collegiate questions. 

My biggest question was: what will I eat?  

Unwilling to restrict my diet to Ramen noodles and granola bars, or forage through the cafeteria troughs again, I collected my thrift store Revere ware and the $1700+ (PER semester!) I would have spent on my college's recommended meal plan, and cooked on my own.   In my first semester off the meal plan I only spent $700 and even lost 8 lbs!  Now those are the kind of results everyone loves.  My blog strives to give people options for eating healthy and gourmet on a budget, from a college student's perspective. I hope that you have found it helpful in this sense as well.  


  1. Ramen is wonderful. Wish I had it when I was in college.

  2. One of the major concerns many parents have is how to pay for college. Some put it off until their children are visiting schools, while others start the moment their child is born. While it’s always best to save early, college savings is one place where being smart about where you save, and how much, can be crucial.