Friday, July 2, 2010

Not Your Average Noodle: Pappardelle’s Pasta

“Noodle” is too generic and bland of a term to describe what Pappardelle’s sells at Pike’s Place Market. It’s more along the lines of tasteful art. The blends of flavors are thoughtful and bold, giving you the opportunity to challenge the current pasta precedent.
The spread of playfully colored pasta first bedazzled my eyes as I was shuffled past in what I would call nothing less than a “Great Migration” of hungry Marketers. You just had to stop, at least for the taste of…chocolate pasta?! It is a shop entirely based on pasta. Would it work? As a personal testimonial, we bought our first ½ lb. the first day in Seattle, and came back each day for more.
Pappardelle’s Pasta reminds you that pasta doesn’t have to be confined to that cardboard-tasting, wiggly starch at the bottom of the bowl. The original, taste-tweaking flavors they have invented will embolden your taste buds and make your rethink pasta’s place in a meal. From the zesty pairing of rosemary garlic, lime cilantro and basil tangerine, to the head-scratchingly-delicious raspberry and chocolate; I promise you won’t tire of this treat.
Still not a believer? What about a taste-test? They offer little bites of the pasta to prove their dedication to not only the art of pasta-making, but of satisfaction. Needless to say, we were always pleased with our purchase. It’s incredible how much flavor can be packed into just one noodle.
All the meals I cooked in the hotel used Pappardelle’s Pasta. Whether it was Rosemary Garlic Linguine or Lemon Garlic Linguine, even I was surprised at the depth of complex taste this pasta had. It was made for dancing in your bowl with fresh vegetables, pesto, or a variety of sauces.
It’s the kind of pasta I would go back to Seattle for. But, I will let you in on yet another secret: there is a website you can order from!
Visit today and order your perfect blend of creative pasta. You will be the talk of the table!


  1. Give us the contact information so we can order from this fantastic vendor online or by phone, please!