Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Powdery white bliss or a frozen headache, either way you tend to view snow I have come across one thing that may have you wishing for more snow days. It’s called “snowcream” and it’s exactly what it sounds like, ice cream made of snow. We got 8 inches of snow this past weekend; a real winter snowstorm! They are calling it this winter’s “Biggest Blizzard in the Southeast”. Didn’t really do us much good though – no snow days here in college, boo. But my friend did revolutionize the way I view snow.

Never saw shoveling snow as fun? Well, now you might reconsider getting a head start on collecting that “perfect snow”, as I call the untouched, still pure white snow that is out on your porch. For all intents and purposes, we should consider snow just finely grated ice. When you can make food out of your current weather condition, I consider it a win. This almost makes building Frosty the Snowman obsolete. Snowcream is a much tastier alternative that is easy to make and will still delight the inner kid in all of us.

Here is the basic recipe for our vanilla snowcream. Disclaimer: this is more of a list of suggestions. The actual amounts will vary and depend on how much you are making and what kind of snow you are working with that day. Also consider that it does melt quickly, so get a bunch of people together to eat it after you come in from sledding!

Vanilla Snowcream


Large bowl of snow

Milk or cream

Sweetened condensed milk

Brown sugar



Vanilla extract


  1. Add all ingredients to snow. Mix until well blended and the consistency of ice cream.

***You can make an assortment of flavors by adding spices, other flavored extracts [coconut, almond, orange, etc], cocoa powder, jellies, syrup, etc.

Makes: a lot. NOMS: not traditional ice cream, but a delicious novelty

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